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About Us



Our team of experienced leaders are advocates for families and communities. We protect and defend against government intrusion, over-taxation, burdensome regulations, lawlessness in our communities and other laws and actions detrimental to families. We show up, educate, train, influence, speak publicly and provide evidence where appropriate.


Nations In Action was born out of the need to address the collapse of the civil society with families struggling to maintain faith, values and virtues. As government escalates their wanton and willful fraud, waste and abuse, which has pervaded our political system, Nations In Action exposes lawlessness and advocates for accountability from our legislators.


The Mission of Nations In Action is to educate and advocate on behalf of the American Family and to help them and their communities thrive. Of utmost importance is to influence legislators to end public policies that are detrimental to families and communities and promote those that celebrate freedom and liberty for every American.

Our Top Priorities


When government fears the people there is liberty.  When the people fear the government there is tyranny. – Thomas Jefferson



Public Servants work for We the People and it is abundantly clear that without transparency in government, fraud, corruption and utter lawlessness become the norm.  We demand transparency from our government – local, state and federal alike.



Whatever happened to the rule of law?  We the People  watch as government workers are proven to have lied under oath, targeted individuals, engaged in corruption and never is anyone held to account. That is unacceptable in America and it must end.



Have you heard about the $600 toilet seat and the trips to Hawaii?  The lobster dinners, special health insurance plans, conferences at $700/night hotels?  Congress is spending OUR hard-earned money to live large while many Americans struggle. Enough! 

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