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Full Maria Strollo Zack Interview on Doug Billings – 04.19.21

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Camron Stewart
Camron Stewart
May 14, 2021


May 08, 2021

We're praying for your safety & success.


May 05, 2021

Great work Maria! I will make another donation today. If you have any contacts who know clinical researchers, on behalf of the free world I humbly request that a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial be conducted. Its protocol should be along the lines of the protocol laid out by the recent clinical trial reference # NCT0434374. Here is the link to those clinical findings that determined oral chlorine dioxide AKA chlorite ion or CDS (chlorine dioxide solution) is in fact viable treatment for COVID-19 [1]. I'll mention there are many clinical publications that support the use of such medication [2]. CDS will never be certified here in the USA as safe oral medication before a double- blind, placebo- controlled peer-reviewed clinical…

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