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ITN Show Interview with Maria Zack - 1.18.21: “I’m very excited about the recent turn of events of

Exclusive Interview With Maria Zack: “I’m Very Excited About The Recent Turn Of Events Of Assistance That We Are Receiving.”

Maria Strollo Zack, Chairwoman of, has been spearheading an effort to expose the truth of election interference that occurred on Nov. 3.

She and NIA have been working with whom she calls patriotic Italians to bring to light evidence of an operation that took place in Italy that saw votes for President Trump switched to Joe Biden in the U.S. presidential election electronically.

Up until now Zack has received little support from government officials in bringing these facts to light. That, Zack says, has begun to change.

“I’m happy to report, yes we have gotten heard for my last appeal of requesting help. There are people who are trying to look into all of the pieces. I will not name names or agencies but I’m very excited about the recent turn of events of assistance that we are receiving,” Zack told ITN in an exclusive interview today.

Zack says the number one thing Americans can do to help is to spread the word about NIA’s efforts. A significant part of that, Zack says nobly, is to help hold NIA accountable.

“We need volunteers at our organization. Those volunteers, we want them to help educate the elected officials across America and provide these details. To do the research, dig in. If we have something inaccurate we want people to help us correct it. We’re a tiny non-profit, but we want to be 100% accurate and provide full transparency,” Zack said.

Zack has previously revealed that individuals she is working with possess the software that was used during the vote-switching operation, and that it contains the actual number of votes that shows “President Trump won by huge margins – very huge,” she said.

Her advice to officials who were part of or know anything about the plot to interfere in the presidential election is to “come clean…because the truth is coming out.”

“We want [Americans] to ask their elected officials in every state legislature – and every state governor – to immediately – immediately – retract their electors that went to Congress,” Zack says [Emphasis in the original]. “Their constitutional responsibility lies at the state. And they must adhere to the Constitution.”

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Christopher Pogel
Christopher Pogel
Jan 20, 2021

Well good job guys. However, with only hours remaining it might be to late. I am wishing you all the best in your mission.

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